Massage Treatments
TIMELESS Signature Massage: 60 minutes $85
A luxurious one hour full body massage with an invigorating back  scrub.

Pregnancy Massage: 60 minutes $75
A massage geared toward comfort and relaxation, while being cognizant of contraindications, Mom-To-Be can experience this massage anytime throughout the duration of her pregnancy.

Candle Massage:  60 minutes $100
An incredibly relaxing one hour full body massage, using flame warmed oil, that penetrates into the muscles encouraging and allowing for a deeper release of muscle tension. 

Hot Stone:  60 minute $95 or 90 minutes $125​
Package A
60 minute massage  $160
90 minute massage  $220

Package B
TIMELESS Signature Massage  $180   

Package C
60 minute hot stone  $200

Package D
Warm Romance  $210
This is the luxurious candle massage made for couples.
Couples Massage
 Friends, Relatives, Lovers

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30 minutes $40
60 minutes $75
90 minutes $105
Specialty Massage Treatments
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